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Upcoming Session: January 15, 2018 – April 30, 2018

Mentor at the Catalyst Accelerator

Catalyst Accelerator has worked tirelessly to build relationships across the local, state and national community and offers exceptional mentorship and networking partners to engage in its mission to incubate and accelerate new companies. We continue to expand our mentoring pool with phenomenal people like you! By becoming a Catalyst Accelerator mentor, you’ll engage and advise innovative start-ups, energetic entrepreneurs, creative founders, and seasoned technologists. Catalyst Accelerator Mentors will provide subject matter expertise, professional experience, constructive feedback, cheerleading and occasionally a dose of realism. Whether you have specific expertise in space technologies, terrestrial weather, data analytics, artificial intelligence, command and control, payloads, ground systems, application development, software engineering or business principles or something we haven't even thought of – we need you – to mentor our cohort teams. Mentoring can be conducted in Colorado Springs at Catalyst Campus or virtually by VTC or phone.

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